We are well aware of the reasons why a servers fails, more importantly.

we trust ourselves to make sure we provide you with a long-term game as long as possible.

we are here to offer a completely unique server where all of you will be able to experience an original.exciting & fun gameplay.

you probably have been wandering around, jumping from server to server just to end up leaving it in couple of weeks. Sadly.

this is what the private-sro section has become. However, we are here to make a difference, will be trying our best to

reverse this bad course.

Serapis is a server with a brand new gameplay promising to excite you. Gameplay

is not that far away from oldschool but we had to make some changes in order to offer a more interesting server.

We can ensure you as oldschool lovers that we made everything we could to offer the most oldschool gameplay possible

but without all negative parts Silkroad had at this cap/time.

All our features are tested and made in a way that ensure you won't face any problems.

Chinese Skills
We did isro skills like the original to keep Chinese more balance with European character
Second Bar
We are extremely proud to announce that we are the first VSRO server to have the luxury of the coveted second floating skill bar (iSRO's own).
job Status
We did upgrade stone for job suit to upgarde your suit to another suit
Auto Sort
We have an advanced inventory system that will allow grouping with a single button those objects that allow it.
Auto Potion
Natively we will have the option to use HP/MP potions in a more advanced way, similar to what a bot could offer us.